AS 1742.4:2020 pdf free download - Manual of uniform traffic control devices Part 4: Speed controls

AS 1742.4:2020 pdf free download – Manual of uniform traffic control devices Part 4: Speed controls

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AS 1742.4:2020 pdf free download – Manual of uniform traffic control devices Part 4: Speed controls.
AS 1742.4 specifies the traffic control devices to be used for the regulatory control of traffic speed. The Standard does not cover temporary speed limits or the use of advisory speed signs.
NOTE Speed matters excluded from this Standard are covered in the following reterences:
(a) Temporary speed limits at works on roads — AS 17423.
(b) Determination of advisory speeds and the use of supplementary plates — AS 1742.2.
(c) Unsigned limits applied by existing legislation to classes of vehicle or driver, e.g. National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and jurisdiction regulations and guidelines.
1.2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document:
NOTE l)ocumens tor Informative purposes are listed In the Ilibliography.
AS 1348, Roads and traffic engineering — Glossary of terms
AS 1742.2, Manual of uniform traffic control devices, Part 2: Thaffic control devices for general use
AS 1743, Road signs—Specifications
AS 4049.5. Paints and related materials — Pavement marking materials. PartS: Performance assessment of pavement markings
AS 5156. Electronic speed limit signs
1.3 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this Standard the definitions in AS 1348 and those below apply.
expressway type road
divided highway for through traffic with full or partial control of access and generally with grade separation at intersections
Note ito entry: The terns Includes expressways, freeways. toliways and motorways.
local area
area containing only local and collector roads which Is bounded by arterial and subarterIa1 roads or features such as rivers, raIlway lines or the limit of urban development
local street
road or Street that serves primarily to provide access within a locality
It is recommended that signs provided as in Items (a)(i) and (b) be placed on both sides of the roadway.
3.1.6 Repeater signs
Repeater signs are used within a linear speed zone to confirm the speed limit applying within the zone. They are provided in accordance with the following requirements and recommendations:
(a) They may be provided Just beyond the beginning of a zone where there is a speed reduction at the start of the zone and there is evidence that the limit is not being adequately observed.
(b) They maybe provided elsewhere within the zone as a regular reminder of the speed limit.
(c) They shall be provided as In Item (b) where the speed limit Is Inconsistent with the speed environment.
(d) They should be provided lust beyond Important intersections for the benefit of drivers who have turned from another road, if the limit is other than the default limit.
(e) They shall be provided where there are frequent changes to the speed limit and drivers require the additional confirmation of the limit that applies at any point.
(f) They are not generally used within a default urban or rural speed limit.
(g) Where used, they shall be located and spaced as follows:
(I) lust beyond a change of speed limit (Item (a) above) — a single sign on the left side of the roadway not exceeding 500 m beyond the start of the limit.
(ii) At locations inconsistent with the speed environment (Items (c) and (e) above) — single signs on the left side of the roadway at a spacing of 0.8 km to 1.0 km. NOTE It is not expected that signs will be required for this purpose in speed zones above 91) km/h.
(lii) As a general reminder of the speed limit (Item (b) above) — single signs on the left side of the roadway at a spacing no greater than approximately 4 mm (urban) or 10 mm (rural) of travel time at the speed limit.
(iv) lust beyond an intersection on the major road (Item (d) above) — a sign on both sides of the road up to 150 rn (urban) or up to 400 m (rural) beyond the intersection.
(h) Except as below, the Speed Limit R4-IB. sign shall be used as the repeater sign in all cases. In low speed urban areas, generally where the speed limit is 60 km/h or less. Sign. R4-1A may be substituted If It will be sufficiently conspicuous against the urban visual background, The sign R4-IC is required on expressways.
3.1.7 Typical applications of speed limit signs
Typical applications olspeed limit signs to indicate both default urban/rural limits and speed zones are illustrated in Figures .1(A and 11(e).

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