AS 1838:2021 pdf free download - Swimming pools - Premoulded fibre- reinforced plastics - Design and fabrication

AS 1838:2021 pdf free download – Swimming pools – Premoulded fibre- reinforced plastics – Design and fabrication

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AS 1838:2021 pdf free download – Swimming pools – Premoulded fibre- reinforced plastics – Design and fabrication.
This document specifies requirements for premoulded plastic swimming pools exceeding 300 mm in depth and constructed from fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) based on thermosetting resin systems. It covers materials, design and performance requirements.
NOTE For installation of fibre-reinforced plastic pools and swimming pools conforming to this document, refer to AS 1839.
1.2 NormatIve references
The 1otIo%vng documents are referred to In the text In such a way that some or all of their content
constitutes requirements in this document.
AS 1170.4, Structural design actions, Part 4: Earthquake actions In Australia
AS 1839, Swimming pools — Premoulded fibre-reinforced plastics — Installation
AS 1926.3, Swimming pooi safety. Part 3: Water recirculation .cystems
AS 3600, Concrete structures
ISO 178, Plastics — Determination offlexural properties
ASTM D 2583, Test method for indentation hardness of rigid plastics by means of a iiarwi smpie.sauv
1.3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
at rest
state of soil condition prior to disturbance
bond beam
structural member that supports the coping
Note ito entry: See CLiu,e.I5.
competent person
person who has acquired, through education, training, qualification or experience or a combination of these, the knowledge and skill enabling that person to perform the task required
Note ito entry: An example would be a professional engineer who Is — (iJ a corporate member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia: or
(ii) eligible to beeomc a corporate member of the Institution of Knginecrs, Australia. and has appropriate experience and competence in the relevant field.
NOTE The slip potential of pool surfaces is affected by contaminated water (chemicals). contamination by body fats, contaminated feet [contaminated water and body fats) and the gradient.
3.1.5 Lifting points
Lilting points shall be provided to enable the pool to be lifted and manoeuvred as required. The lifting points on any one side shall have a combined capacity of at a minimum 1.5 times the weight of the pool shell.
3.1.6 TIes
Where a bond beam is a structural element of the pooi, provision shall be made for structurally connecting the bond beam to the pool shell.
3.1.7 Water recirculation
Skimmer boxes and other outlet types shall conform to AS 1926.3.
3.1.8 Emptying the poni
Specific details relating to emptying the pool shall be provided in the operating and maintenance instructions (refer to AS 1839). for use in situations where it may become necessary to drain the water.
NOTE Pre’moulded flbrerelnlorced (FRP) swimming pools, that are designed for ln’ground Installation, are not designed to be left empty for extended periods of time. Failure to abide by the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when draining a pool may result in deflection and damage to the pool shell and the installation,
3.2 Pools for Installation In the ground
3.2.1 Soil loadings
The poo1 shall be designed so that it withstands at a minimum the following external loadings that may be applied by the soil profile and backfill encountered at a typical location in which the pool shell is to be installed.
The design soil types shall be clearly stated on the design drawings.
The design horizontal pressure shall be not less than —
(a) 4.8 kPa/m depth for sand only; and
(b) 6.6 kPa/m depth for clay and soil.
The pool, when full of water, shall be designed to resist the additional pressure from a surcharge of 2 kPa on the ground surrounding the pool.
NOTE 1 For guidance on pool design see Appendix B.
NOTE 2 The design values do not take account of loads due to hydrostatic. hydrodynamfr and reactive clay pressures. For guidance on such loadings. see Appendix B. Refer to AS 1839 for additional requirements for the installation of the pool in these conditions.
NOTE 3 The design values do not take into account loads due to heavy machinery and equipment. Where such loading may occur, It may be necessary to brace the walls.

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