AS 1926.3:2010 pdf free download - Swimming pool safety Part 3: Water recirculation systems

AS 1926.3:2010 pdf free download – Swimming pool safety Part 3: Water recirculation systems

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AS 1926.3:2010 pdf free download – Swimming pool safety Part 3: Water recirculation systems.
AS 1926.3 sets out requirements for skimmer boxes and other permanent water outlets in swimming pools and spas.
The following documents are referred to in this Standard:
60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)
Al 12.19.8 Suction Fittings for Use in Swimming Pools. Wading Pools. Spas. and Hot
For the purpose of this Standard the definitions below apply.
3.1 Accredited testing laboratory
A testing laboratory that is a signatory to the International Laboratory Accreditation Corporation (1l.AC) Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) and with its scope of accreditation including reference to this Standard. i.e. AS 1926.3—20 10.
3.2 Alternative skimming device
A surface skimming device that is not manufactured in accordance with Clauses 5.1 to 5.5.
3.3 Auxiliary outlet
An outlet connected to a skimmer box or an alternative skimming system (Clause 5.6.1)
3.4 Branch lines
Plumbing lines that connect outlets to a common line.
3.5 Child resistant lid
A skimmer box lid that. when installed in its designed position. cannot be lifted off
vertically with a force less thaii 100 N or has a locking mechanism.
3.6 Common line
The plumbing line connecting branch lines to a pump.
3.7 Outlets
Those openings in the pool wall or floor, other than a skimmer box, through which water is drawn from the pool by a pump.
3.8 Outlet system
Outlets and the connecting pipe work through which water is drawn from a pool by a pump. An outlet system may include a skimmer box.
The tests in Appendix B shall not apply to an alternative skimming system that incorporates a skimming device which has an opening. the length of which is greater than 580 mm and which is incapable of being blocked by the body blocking element (see Figure A6).
6.1 Outlets systems
6.1.1 Genera!
Outlet systems shall he installed so that each system has a means of releasing the vacuum pressure on an outlet should it beconie blocked. This is satisfied by conformance with Clauses6.I.2 to6.l.5.
Where there are outlet covers of dilkrent design, the system flow rate shall be based upon the lowest rated cover. No cover shall be subjected to a greater flow than its marked rate.
All outlets other than skimmer boxes shall be fitted with covers that comply with Clause 6.2.
Vacuum release devices shall not be used as a substitute for any of the requirements of this Standard.
NOTE: Vacuum release devices that arc designed to open to atmosphere andor shut ofT the pump in the event of a blockage may be used as a further layer of protection.
6.1.2 Single oulkis
A single outlet shall comply with either of the following:
(a) A single outlet shall have a cover that has no surface dimension less than 75 mm and at least one surface dimension not less than 800 mm. and the cover shall be tested and marked in accordance with Appendix A. (except Paragraph A5.2).
(h) A single outlet with a cover complying with Clause 6.2 is acceptable provided that it is connected to a skimmer box (see Clauses 5.1 to 5.5) or an alternative skimming system (see Clause 5.6).
6.1 .3 Dual oui!eI xi1ens
Each dual outlet system shall include the following:
(a) Each pump shall be connected to at least two outlets by a common line with at least two branch lines.
(b) The diameter of branch lines shall he equal and shall not be less than the pipe diameter marked on the outlet covers used. (See Clause 6.2(c)(i)).
(c) Branch lines shall not incorporate any devices that may restrict their diameter.
(d) Connected outlets shall not be less than 600 mm apart where possible, centre to centre, and where not possible a minimum of 3 outlets is required.
(e) The system Ilow rate shall not exceed the outlet cover flow rate of a single outlet cover. (See Clause 6.2(c)(ii)).

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