AS 2022:1983 pdf free download - SAA ANHYDROus AMMONIA CODE

AS 2022:1983 pdf free download – SAA ANHYDROus AMMONIA CODE

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AS 2022:1983 pdf free download – SAA ANHYDROus AMMONIA CODE.
AS 2022 sets out requirements for the design. construction and operation of equipment and installations for the storage and handling of anhydrous ammonia, and for its transport by road and rail. It does not deal with any piant or cquipmcnt in which ammonia is processed, or with any vessels that form an integral part of that processing equipment.
1.2 A l’PLICATION. The requiremeNs of this standard may be read in conjunction with any Statutory Regulations that may apply in any area.
NOTE: It should be noted than an installation may omc under the jurisdiction of sever.d authorities with differing areas of responsibility, and thai an apprusal (nan one does not necessarily C0fl%IIILIIC an apwtisal 1t114fl tI(IWrs. ThLis the om’.tru1ion of any plant may require separate approsals kirni authorities interested in building construction. hazardous maicnals. factoiy or machincry safety. electrbci.y. gas. health. ens inmment. water supply. sewerage and drainage. or the training and licensing of personnel.
novel materials, designs, methods of assembly. procedures. etc which do not comply with the specilic requirements of this standard, or are not mentioned in it, hut which give equivalent results to those specified are not necessarily prohibited. The responsible committee. MF.i32, Anhydrous Ammonia, can act in an advisor capacity concerning equivalent suitability, hut specific approval remains the prerogative of the Statutory Authority.
1.4 INTIRPKI:TATIONS. Questions concerning the clarity. meaning. application or ciTed of any part of this standard may he referred to SAA Committee MEJ32 for explanation. l’he authority of the Committee is limited to matters of interpretations, and it will not adjudicate in disputes.
1.5 RFFI:kI:NcI:I) l)O(’UMFTS. A list with titles of the documents referred to in this standard is given in the Annex.
1.6 I)FFINITIONS. For the purpose of this standard, the following definitions apply:
1.6.1 Anhdrot.s ammonia – ammonia gas in compressed andfor liquefied toriti.
1.6.2 ‘Approed’ or approsal’ – approved by, or approval ot’. the Statutory Authorities concerned.
1.6.3 Authori,ed person – a person specifically appointed by an anhydrous ammonia distributor or the distributor’s agent to pertiwm the duties of that position.
1.6.4 Capach of a tank or cylinder) – the total volume of the space enclosed within the tank or cylinder, expressed in litres or cubic metres.
2.3.1 Safety Equipment. Any safely equipment prescribed in this standard for specific types of installations shall comply with the following requirements:
(a) A face-shield shall incorporate a transparent visor. supported in front of the face to shield the eyes. face, forehead and neck.
(b) Gas-tight goggles shall he of the eye-cup or widevision style, constructed so as to prevent the ingress of gases, fumes, dust and splashes of liquid into the spaces enclosed by the goggles in front of the eyes.
(C) A canister respirator shall be a full-facepiece respirator having a filter contained in a renewable canister, sufficient to provide protection against limited concentrations of anhydrous ammonia.
(d) Gauntlet gloves shall have separate fingers and thumb, shall protect hands and forearms, and shall be made of rubber or PVC impervious to anhydrous ammonia.
(e) Thermal gloves shall be lined with insulating material, and shall have an outer surface impervious to anhydrous ammonia.
(1) Proper clothing shall consist of normal working apparel which can he buttoned up at the wrist and throat to provide some skin protection in low ammonia concentrations.
(g) A protective suit and hood shall consist of apparel constructed of material impervious to anhydrous ammonia and in one piece or having all air gaps effectively sealed.
(h) Self-contained breathing apparatus shall comprise a respirator which supplies the wearer with air or oxygen from containers carried by him and shall have an effective life of at least 25 mm. Speech diaphragms shall be incorporated. If required to be used on a ‘ehicle, the apparatus shall he suitable for use when driving.
(j) A safety shower or bath shall be either a shower having a rose fitting 2 rn above the base, or a bath in which a person can be fully immersed.
(k) An eye fountain shall be a fountain designed to effectively imgae both eyes for a period of at least 30 mm. An eye irrigator shall be an eye-cup or other device to irrigate the eyes.
(I) Rubber boots shall be at least mid-calf length guiubools.

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