AS 2201.2:2022 pdf free download - Alarm and electronic security systems Part 2: Monitoring centres

AS 2201.2:2022 pdf free download – Alarm and electronic security systems Part 2: Monitoring centres

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AS 2201.2:2022 pdf free download – Alarm and electronic security systems Part 2: Monitoring centres.
This document specifies requirements for the construction, equipment, staff and operation of centres used for the monitoring of client systems. It also specifies a grading system for assessing the risk profiles of monitoring centres. The grading system may act as a guide for customers of remote alarm monitoring services to choose the monitoring centre most suited to their needs.
NOTE A checklist to provide guidance for determining the grade of the monitoring centre Is given in AppendixD.
1.2 Application
Throughout this document, where clause titles include the grading level, the clause applies to the stated grades.
Where the title does not include a grading level, the clause applies to all grades.
1.3 Assessment period
Assessment of a monitoring centre shall be conducted within the lease period of the monitoring centre premises or 24 months, whichever Is the lesser.
1.4 Normative references
The following documents are referred to In the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document.
NOTE Documents referenced for Informative purposes are listed en the Bibliography.
AS 1670.1. Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems—System design. installation, and commissioning. Port 1: Fire
AS 1682.2. Fire, smoke and air dampers. Part 2: Installation
AS 1851. Routine serWce of fire protection systems and equipment
AS 2118.1, Automatic fire sprinkler systems. Part 1: General systems
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ISO/IEC 27000. informatIon technology — Security techniques — Information security management systems — Overview and vocabulary
EN 1627, Pedestrian doorsets, windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters – Burglar resistance Requirements and classification
llectrically operated door releases shall operate in fail safe mode, enabling their release on loss of lock power.
4.5 Windows
4.5.1 All grades
The interior of a monitoring centre shell shall not be visible from outside of the monitoring centre shell.
Where windows are provided, they shall —
(a) not be less than 10 m from any adlacent publicly accessible area, platform or walkway; and
(b) provide privacy so as to prevent the identification of objects and persons inside the monitoring centre from the outside at all times.
NOTE Windows are not required to be attack resistant or have a 60/60/-fire rating.
4.6 Service duct penetrations
4.6.1 Grades A and B
Where a ventilation penetration exists in the perimeter of a grade A or B monitoring centre shell, the penetration shall maintain the structural integrity of the shell by —
(a) not exceeding 1000 mm in any one dimension;
(b) being securely fixed to the monitoring centre shell; and
(c) being only for the purpose for servicing the monitoring centre.
The penetration shall be fitted with a physical security barrier to restrict any opening in the penetration to a maximum dimension of 150 mm rn any one dimension.
Ventilation penetrations serving other building facilities are not permitted within the shell.
Air handler openings shall be fitted with fire dampers conforming to AS 1682.2 but with no less than I
h integrity.
4.6.2 Grade C
No specific requirements.
4,7 Amenities
4.7.1 Grades A and B
At a minimum, the following amenities shall be contained within the monitoring centre shell:
(a) One toilet.
(b) One handbasin.
(c) A meal preparation area, including sink.
Separate amenities shall be provided for non.operational staff within the monitoring centre premises.

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