AS 3818.6:2010 pdf free download - Timber—Heavy structural products-Visually graded Part 6: Decking for wharves andbridges

AS 3818.6:2010 pdf free download – Timber—Heavy structural products-Visually graded Part 6: Decking for wharves andbridges

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AS 3818.6:2010 pdf free download – Timber—Heavy structural products-Visually graded Part 6: Decking for wharves andbridges.
AS 3818.6 sets out the minimum requirements for visual grading of decking intended for use as decking for wharves and bridges where the nominal thickness of the decking is 70 mm or greater. These requirements apply at the time of grading.
I This Standard is intended to cover timbers for commercial, industrial and marine decking subject to vehicular traffic, such as for road bridges and shipping wharves.
2 Purchasing guidelines are given in Appendix A.
3 Stress grades applicable to strength groups for decking for wharves and bridges are given in Appendix H.
4 In order to maximize he working life of decking for wharves and bridges, timbers should be fixed in position with the heart side down.
5 Commercial. industrial and marine decking of less than nominal 70 mm thickness may be graded to AS 2082 or AS 2858 with additional limitations for open features on the top surface such as knot holes, loose or unsound knots, gum pockets. loose gum veins, shakes, termite galleries, want, wane and untreated sapwood which might otherwise lessen serviceability. For pedestrian traffic, these features are usually not permitted on the top surface.
6 The requirements for light decking (domestic decking) are set out in the AS 2796 series and the AS 4785 series for hardwood and softwood, respectively.
This Standard shall be used in conjunction with AS 3818.1 to specify timber decking for wharves and bridges.
1.3.1 Function
Decking forms the trafficable surface of wharves and bridges.
NOTE: The top surface of the timber deck is sometimes covered with bitumen or other sacrificial surfacing.
1.3.2 Action
Decking is subjected to—
(a) wear and forces from the action of vehicles travelling and braking. crowds of people or stacking of materials:
(b) forces occurring at connections:
(C) the effects of exposure. such as ultraviolet radiation. temperature and moisture change: and
The following list includes information that should be provided, where applicable, in any contract document, order form or other request for supply:
(a) Product type (i.e.. decking for wharves and bridges).
(b) Dimensions.
(C) Intended use (see AS 3818.1 for considerations on durability and AS 5604 for natural durability ratings).
(d) length. particularly whether the order is set length, in muhiples of short lengths or random lengths with a minimum length.
(e) Tolerance on over-length.
(1) Other tolerances (only when not prescribed by. or when varied from, this Standard).
(g) Details of any particular timber strength group, species or durability requirement (see Note).
(h) Seasoned or unseasoned (timbers complying with this Standard are generally only available unseasoned).
(I) If required. level of treatment. or level of treatment and the type of preservative.
(j) Method of controlling end splits (e.g., nailplate or crystalline wax) and when to be applied (e.g.. within 48 h of sawing).
(k) Information on requirements for storage and transport.
(I) Reference to this Standard. i.e., AS 3818.6.
NOTE: Timber should be specified according to its particular use and attention should be paid to the desired features of the timber and the expected performance. Where appropriate, the durability class and the strength group of the species required should be nominated. Natural durability ratings for both in-ground and above-ground exposure are given in AS 5604.
DecLing for wharves and bridges usually forms part of a structure in which they would be expensive and often difficult to replace. and therefore—
(a) timber should be carefully and properly stored after purchase and prior to use to avoid degradation: and
(b) a proper inspection and maintenance procedure should be adopted after the structure has been built to facilitate a long service lil of the timbers.

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