AS 4083:2010 pdf free download - Planning for emergencies-—Health carefacilities

AS 4083:2010 pdf free download – Planning for emergencies-—Health carefacilities

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AS 4083:2010 pdf free download – Planning for emergencies-—Health carefacilities.
AS 4083 sets out the procedures for health care facilities in the planning for, and responses to, internal and external emergencies. It also specifies response colour codes for use in a specific emergency.
NOTE: Interpretation of this Standard should lake account of the size and functions of the health care facility.
In the eent of an emergency that requires or triggers the intervention of an external agency. the facility shall transfer control of the response to the hazard to the relevant external agency whilst maintaining command and coordination of other elements of the response.
The following documents arc referred to in this Standard:
2700 Colour standards for general purposes
3745 Emergency control organization and procedures for buildings, structures and workplaces
NOTE: AS 3745 is being revised and will be retitled. Planning for emergencies in facilities.
For the purpose of this Standard, the definitions below apply.
1.4.1 Armed person
A person who is in possession. or claims to be in possession of a weapon or dangerous article.
NOlE: Where it is strongly suspected that a person is carrying a weapon or dangerous article, he or she should be treated as an armed person.
1.4.2 Assembly area
A number of designated places where patients. visitors and staff may be taken/assembled in the event of an evacuation.
1.4.3 Confrontation
A situation involving high risk of injury by a person (or persons) who may or may not he armed.
1.4.4 Emergency
An event, actual or imminent, which endangers or threatens to endanger life, property or the environment, and shich requires a significant and coordinated response.
The facility shall have a designated Emergency Coordinator responsible for overall emergency management, including planning and operations. Where appropriate, the facility shall also have Emergency Officers. The facility shall ensure that, at all times, there is a position nominated to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of the Emergency Coordinator.
The Emergency Coordinator shall ensure implementation of the following preparedness and response activities;
(a) To ensure that suitable documentation is prepared and existing documentation revised for the particular facility to comply with this Standard.
(h) To disseminate emergency plans. Where appropriate, to communicate plans to respective State/Territory health departments.
(C) To ensure that. where appropriate. Emergency Ot’ficers are designated and appropriate delegations are in place to manage specific emergencies at all times.
(d) To determine the location of the Emergency Operations Centre.
(e) To exercise emergency plans at least annually.
(1) To ensure that all emergency equipment is serviced and tested regularly in accordance with relevant Standards and manufacturers’ recommendations.
(g) To review and update. at least annually, the emergency and supplementary plans and to ensure that such review includes meetings of all Emergency Officers.
(Ii) To identify areas that require supplementary plans and prepare them in conjunction with appropriate Emergency Officers and specialists.
(i) To ensure that all physical areas, e.g. car parks, roofs, corridors, stairwells, plant rooms. gardens, roadways and toilets, are the responsibility of a nominated officer.
(j) Ta ensure that all new, temporary and casual staff or contract labour are familiarized with relevant aspects of the emergency plan at the time of appointment.
(k) To ensure appropriate advice is provided to management regarding the provision of new equipment or upgrading of existing safety equipment to required standards, so that staff responses to an emergency are maximized.
(I) Maintain communication with relevant Emergency Officers and facilitate necessary action, until the appropriate emergency service arrives, then sork in conjunction with that service.

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