AS 4485.2:2021 pdf free download - Security for healthcare facilities Part 2: Procedures guide

AS 4485.2:2021 pdf free download – Security for healthcare facilities Part 2: Procedures guide

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AS 4485.2:2021 pdf free download – Security for healthcare facilities Part 2: Procedures guide.
1.2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this document.
NOTE Documents (or informative purposes are listed in the Bibliography.
1.3 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this Standard, the terms and definitions given in AS 4485.1 and the following definitions apply.
attractive asset
item which is vital to the operations of the facility, has a high monetary value or is of a particularly attractive nature (e.g. ewellery or drug holdings)
burglar resistant areas
areas which are secured in a manner suitable for the handling of money. drugs and other attractive assets to a level which will resist entry by an experienced criminal deliberately trying to force entry with suitable equipment
chief executive officer
position at that level of responsibility and authority immediately below the facility’s governing body or authority, or proprietor
intruder resistant areas
areas which are secured In a manner suitable for the handling and storage of property of value to the facility and hazardous materials, to a level that will resist attempted entry, either unintentional or by a person without appropriate skills and equipment
indka1c the existence of an option
outreach services
any service which visits clients, or potential clients, in their homes or at an external site
indicates a recomniendation
4.3.142 Key management
Healthcare facilities should establish and maintain a key management program along with a key administrator. This establishes an original and duplicate key control system for keys to various departments and areas within the Facility. Persons needing access to keys should sign for their receipt and return.
The installation of an Electronic Key Management system controls the distribution of keys. Authorized individual or group users can be granted, denied or restricted access to certain keys, one key, multiple keys or all keys for a certain time, time durations, or days.
4.3. 14.3 Key Issue registers
Key issue registers should be separately maintained for original and duplicate keys. Where keys are retained because of late working, security should be advised. The key administrator should Initiate an investigation of any keys outstanding beyond the normal time for their return and should carry out and certify in the register a 100 percent check of the original keys at timely intervals. Key Issue authorizatIon
Keys should only be issued to persons with authority to draw them. This should be done by means of a “key authorization” countersigned by the head of department and bearing the printed names and specimen signature of those entitled to draw the keys, or by other means such as biometric recognition. The key collection should be completed after photo ID is used to validate the completed key authorization, The key authorization should be renewed at periods agreed by the head of department and any casual variations In the meantime should be notified o the custodian olthe keys.
4.3.14.S Departmental keys
Departmental keys include keys to all lockable internal and external doors. the department’s main entrance keys should be strictly controlled and kept secure when not in use, e.g. locked in a key safe. Internal door keys should also be held in a lockable key safe, which should be located in an area occupied by workers only.
An office holder may sign in a register for the key to an office retained under their personal control. After normal hours workers should sign for the Issue and return of keys at the key administration office.
The keys should he on sealed rings and numbered hut with no other means of identification. A master key index list should be held by the key administrator. Duplicate keys should be held under secure conditions. Master keys should not be duplicated without proper authority.

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