AS 4799:2000 pdf free download - Installation of underground utility services and pipelines within railway boundaries

AS 4799:2000 pdf free download – Installation of underground utility services and pipelines within railway boundaries

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AS 4799:2000 pdf free download – Installation of underground utility services and pipelines within railway boundaries.
Plans of the proposed services or pipelines shall be drawn to scale showing their relation to railway tracks, other services and pipelines (above or below ground level), overhead wiring structures and other facilities, property boundaries, and ahuttals, the angle of crossing. location of valves and pits, and other rclcvant details
Dimensions shall be shown for services or metal pipelines within 20 m of overhead wiring structures, other electrical power services or other metallic structures.
The plan shall show a ‘north’ compass point, the name of and direction to the nearest railway station and distance rcfci-cnccis) in kilomctrcs along the railway of the proposed installation (in particular for an underirack crossing).
The distance reference shall be measured in accordance with the railway track kilometrage measuring system.
NOTE: Railway irackside kilorneire posts ad painted 1(X) in marks on sleepers will indicate such distance,
Plans shall include a cross-section (or sections) from field survey showing the service or pipeline in relation to the actual profile and levels of the ground and track at crossings and at representative locations. Design ((ilcukUons and cons 1 rucrion nwihods
Unless covered by the provisions of this Standard or as required by the Corporation, the pipeline plan shall be accompanied by full design computations of combined stresses within (or design lcs loads fort the carrier pipes, and external stress within (or design test loads fort the encasing pipes (where the encasing pipes are required) and certified by (he owner’s competent person. and also checked and signed by a second competent person as agreed between the parties.
Construction loads shall be allowed for in the design and the construction method shall he clearly identified.
4.2.1 Installation
Carrier pipes and encasing pipes of pipelines carrying non-flammable substances shall be installed in accordance with Section 3 and the additional requirements specified in Section 4.
4.2.2 Depth of pipes
Carrier pipes and encasing pipes laid under tracks and within railway reserve shall be installed and maintained at the depths shown in Figure 4. I.
4.2.3 End walls and aprons
Where a drainage pipe or an irrigation pipe of a non-pressure pipeline is connected to an unlined drain or channel on the property of the Corporation. end walls and aprons shall be provided to protect against scouring.
The lop of the end walls shall be not less than 300 mm above full supply level or the top of the pipe. whichever level is higher.
4.2.4 Open channels
The full supply level of an open channel system within the property of the Corporation shall be below the formation level of the permanent way, as approved by the Corporation.
4.2.5 Markers
Markers shall be provided in accordance with Clause 3.10 to indicate the location of underground pipelines carrying non- fla minable substance.
4.3.1 Encasing
Unless otherwise approved, the carrier pipe shall be—
(a) encased in a pipe designed in accordance with Clause 3.3; or
(h) surrounded by a reinforced concrete encasement.
NOTE: Large-diameter pipelines such as low-pressure irrigation syphons need spccial design consideration.
4.3.2 Size of encasing pipe
The internal diameter of the encasing pipe shall be at least 50 mm greater than the largest external diameter of the carrier pipe. joints or couplings for pipelines of less than 150 mm diameter, and at least 100 mm greater for pipelines of 150 mm diameter or greater.

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