AS 5329:2020 pdf free download - Workforce data quality

AS 5329:2020 pdf free download – Workforce data quality

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AS 5329:2020 pdf free download – Workforce data quality.
this document specifies a basis for organisationai improvement in the quality of workforce data available for analysis and, decision-making.
Workiorce data quality, for the purpose of this document, is the process of —
(a) workforcc data determination; (bJ data capture;
(c) data maintenance; and
(d) data review processes.
This document does not cover the analysis of data and reporting structure or the definition of any metric other than tuality of human resources (AR) data.
1.2 Normative references
there are no normative references in this document.
NOTE Documents referenced for informative purposes are listed In the Bibliography.
1.3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
the degree to which data reflects the parameters being measured includmg consideration for the purpose and use of data
relevant data recorded at level of granularity required
capture of data over length of time In the same format, coding and naming conventions and used In the same way
reinterpretable representation of information in a formalized manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing
(SOURCE: ISO 10303-1:1994, 3.2.15)
data set
logically meaningful grouping of data
Note Ito entry: An example ola data set is electronic data interchange (EDI).
SectIon 4 Data capture and maintenance requirements
4.1 General
The specific workforce data requirements for the organization shall be determined in accordance with this section (4). The responsibility for the capture and maintenance of this data shall be determined and documented. This documentation shall include the following:
(a) Procedures for initial entry.
(b) On-going updating.
(c) Maintenance of workforce data.
A schedule and procedure for reviewing and/or updating workforce data capture and maintenance documentation and procedures shall be developed. Responsibility for the reviewing and updating of workforce data shall be assigned by the relevant stakeholder,
Relevant stakeholders shall be skilled regarding respective responsihilities and associated procedures.
NOTE The responsibility foe data capture and maintenance to the hierarchical structure oW the organization may be aligned. For example, data capture and maintenance may be conducted by team leaders, managers and executives for direct reports including hut not limited to employees and contractors
When ownership and responsibilities for workforce data have been established, the importance of workforcc data quality through the inclusion of workiorce data quality performance measurement as a component of individual performance management reviews may also be reinforced.
4.2 Current and future workiorce data capture and maintenance
A comprehensive template based on the defined workforce data requirements in this section (4) shall be developed. For example, small organizations may use spreadsheets. Larger organizations may use more complex technology-based solutions where appropriate.
When employees join, transition within, or exit the organization, relevant data shall be captured and/or updated through each step of the process in accordance with documented procedures. A complete data set shall be determined for each employee.
NOTE For example, the team leader, manager and/or executive would be responsible for the quality (see Section 3), oW data related to direct reports.
The ongoing review of workforce data are discussed in Section 5. Performance review processes, or similar one-on-one meeting strategies, may he used as the trigger for a conversation with employees regarding individual data validity.
4.3 Historic data cleansing and collation
4.3.1 General
Accurate historical data are of great value to an organization for several reasons and include the following:
(a) Historical reporting.
(b) Trending analysis.
(c) Root cause analysis.
(d) Alumni management.
(e) Marketing and employer of choice” positioning.

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