AS ISO 8813:2021 pdf free download - Earth-moving machinery — Lift capacity of pipelayers and wheeled tractors or loaders equipped with side boom

AS ISO 8813:2021 pdf free download – Earth-moving machinery — Lift capacity of pipelayers and wheeled tractors or loaders equipped with side boom

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AS ISO 8813:2021 pdf free download – Earth-moving machinery — Lift capacity of pipelayers and wheeled tractors or loaders equipped with side boom.
AS ISO 8813 provides a uniform method of calculating. and a test method for vahdating. rated lift capacity as presented in commercial literature for pipelayers and wheeled tractors or loaders equipped with a vertical-only pivoted, hydraulic or mechanically operated, side boom. The rated lift capacity considers hoist mechanism limits, tipping loads and rope factor. After the lift capacity has been calculated and validated, a reduction factor is applied to establish the rated lift capacity for the specific pipelayer or wheeled machine configuration.
This International Standard applies to machines having a lift capacity greater than 10 000 N when used an lifting applications. It includes pipelayers as defined in ISO 6165 and ISO 7136. and wheeled tractors and loaders as defined in ISO 6165. ISO 6747 and ISO 7131.
2 Normative references
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this International Standard. At the time of publication. the editions Indicated were valid. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this International Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions o the standards indicated below. Members of (EC and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
ISO 6016:1982, Earth-moving machinery — Methods of measuring the masses of whole machines, their cqulpnwnt and components.
ISO 6165:1987. Earth-moving machinery — Basic types — Vocabulary.
ISO 6747:1988, Earth-moving machinery — Thoctors — Terminology and commercial specifications.
ISO 7131:1984. Earth-moving machinery — Loaders — Terminology and commercial specifications.
1507136:1986. Earth-moving machinery — Pipelayers — Terminology and commercial specifications.
ISO 92481), Earth-moving machinery — Units for dimensions, performance and capacities, and their
measurement accuracies.
3 Definitions
For the purposes of this International Standard, the following definitions apply.
External force including the weight of attaching equipment applied at the load hook. See figuresi and 2.
lift point line
Vertical line through the centre of the load hook.
Extendable or fixed arm attached to the base machine which rests on the supporting surface and defines the tipping line. See figures 7 and 8.
5.5.5 Wheeled machine lift capacity tests shall be conducted at the following load overhang positions.
if applicable:
a) 1,25 in (± 10%) or at minimum overhang obtainable if greater than 1,25 m;
b) mid-range load overhang;
c) within I mof the maximum load overhang:
d) lithe lilt mechanism lilt capacity Is reached before the tipping load, that load shall be used In place of b) orc).
5.5.6 Machines equipped with outriggers shall be tested both without outriggers being used and with outriggers berng used in their most favourable position.
5.6 Test results
The test results and data from the machine tested shall be recorded on a test summary sheet similar to that shown as clause 9.
5.1 ValIdation of calculated values
The measured loads at the measured overhang distances should be within 95 % of the calculated values. If not, the calculated values shall be adjusted based on a correction factor determined from the measured values.
6 Performance requirements
6.1 Rope factor
6.1.1 Rated lift capacity shall not create a rope factor (as defined in 3.11). for ropes that wind on drums or pass over sheaves, that is less than 4 unless the special provisions of 6.1.2 are applied. The rope factor shall be determined based on the manufacturer’s approved rope, reeving, the nominal breaking strength of new rope, and with load and boom stationan
6.1.2 When the rated lift capacity creates a rope factor for ropes that wind an drums or pass over sheaves exceeding 2,5 but less than 4, the following special provisions shall be met and included in the operator’s manual:
a) an inspection of the rope and hook shall reveal no deficiencies;
b) the load shall be handled at a speed which minimizes dynamic effects:
C) the inspection and lilting shall be made by a competent person.
6.2 Hoist mechanism
6.2.1 A positive locking device to prevent inadvertent lowering of the boom and an automatic means to stop the boom motion when the maximum permissible height is reached shall both be provided.
6.2.2 When the load hoist mechanism has power-operated brakes for controlling loads without continuous mechanical linkage between the actuation and braking means, an automatic means shall be provided that will prevent the load from falling in the event of a loss of power.

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