AS NZS 3120:2021 pdf free download - Approval and test specification -Cord extension sockets

AS NZS 3120:2021 pdf free download – Approval and test specification -Cord extension sockets

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AS NZS 3120:2021 pdf free download – Approval and test specification -Cord extension sockets.
AS NZS 3120 sets out essential safety requirements for cord extension sockets and inlet plugs, as defined in Clause 1.3. intended for use at extra-low or low voltages, and inlet plugs with rated voltages not exceeding 250 V and current ratings not exceedIng 20 A in accordance with the pin configurations given in AS/NZS 3112.
This standard does not apply to cord extension sockets that are enclosed within an appliance In such a way that they are not exposed to personal contact, or that arc intended For use solely where they will be so enclosed.
1.1.2 ApplicatIon
1.12.1 General requirements oIAS/NZS 3100
This standard shall be read in conjunction with AS/NZS 31u0. The appropriate provisions in AS/NZS 3100. as identified In Clause 1.2. shall apply to the construction of a cord extension socket and an inlet plug. Specific requirements of this standard
A cord extension socket and Inlet plug shall be deemed to conform to this standard provided It conforms to all the requirements of this standard and passes the tests specified herein.
NOTE Plugs, socket-outlets and connectors incorporating retaining means or the type specilied in AS/NZS 3123, or similar, need not conform to all general dimensional requirements of this standard, provided the safe functioning of accessories In a particular system is not Impaired and, where applicable, dimensions relevant to specified pin confIgurations are applied.
1.2 Normative references
The following standards are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes a requirement of this standard:
AS 60529. Degrees of protectfon provided by enclosures (IP Code)
AS/NZS 3100, Approval and test specification—General requirements for electrical equipment
AS/NZS 3112, Approval and test specification—Plugs arid socket-outlets
AS/NZS 3121. Approval and test specrfication—Insulating mouldings
AS/NZS 3123, Approval and test specification—Plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for general industrial application
AS/NZS 3133, Approval and test specification—Air-break switches
AS/NZS 60320.1. ApplIance couplers for household and similar general purposes. Part 1: General requirements (IEC 60320-1, Ed 2.1(2001) MOD)
AS/NZS 60335.1, Household and similar electrical appliances—Safety, Part 1: General requirements (ICC 60335-1 Ed. 5.0(2010), MOD)
1.3 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this standard, the definitions below apply.
2.11 Exposed metal
A socket intended for use with plugs conforming to AS/NZS 3112 shall not have exposed metal parts.
NOTE This requirement does not preclude a cord extension socket having an external metal enclosure, provided that it is separated from live parts by double insulation.
Metal clamps, fitted at the cord entry and designed to grip a flexible cord, may be used provided that —
(a) double insulation is maintained between the metal of the clamp and live parts of the socket; and (b) the clamp is not provided with facilities for earthing.
2.12 Means of entry and cord anchorage for flexible cord
A socket shall be provided with a single aperture for the entry of a flexible cord within its protective covering (if any).
Provision shall he made for entry of a flexible cord together with any protective covering, and for effective anchorage of the flexible cord or range of cords that the cord extension socket is intended to accommodate, so that any stress on the terminals will be substantially reduced.
For rewireable cord extension sockets, the anchorage shall be effective for the range of flexible cords listed in Table 2.1 except where the cord or range of cords Identified by the manufacturer Is marked as required by Clause 2.19.3 id).
For rewireable sockets rated at 15 A or less, a supplementary means of anchoring each Insulated core of the flexible cord shall be provided in the form of a pillar, post, grip, tortuous path, or other equally effective means.
A dual.purpose device Incorporating both methods of anchorage may be used.
The cord anchorage devices shall conform to the flexible cord anchorage test. Non-rewireable sockets shall conform to the additional tests for non-rewireable sockets (see Clause 2.20.4).

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