AS NZS 5263.1.3:2021 pdf free download - Gas appliances Part 1.3: Gas space heating appliances

AS NZS 5263.1.3:2021 pdf free download – Gas appliances Part 1.3: Gas space heating appliances

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AS NZS 5263.1.3:2021 pdf free download – Gas appliances Part 1.3: Gas space heating appliances.
For Australia, the fuel gases are natural gas (as described by AS 4564), town gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LP Gas, as described by AS 4670), simulated natural gas (SNG) and tempered liquefied petroleum gas (TIP).
For New Zealand:
(a) The fuel gases are natural gas (as specified in NZS 5442) and general product liquefied petroleum gas (NZLPG) (as specilied in NZS 5435).
(b) The thermal efficiency requirements are informative only, except where they relate to safety.
NOTE 1 DecoratIve effect gas appliances are not covered by this Standard but are covered by the requirements
0fAS/NZS 5263.1.8.
NOTE 2 Appliances falling within the scope of AS 2658 are not covered by this Standard.
NOTE 3 Other statutory and regulatory requirements may be applicable to a product that falls within the scope of this Standard It Is the responsibility of the manufacturer, importer or distributor (as appropriate) to ensure that products conform to such requirements.
AppendlxAA provides figures referenced in this Standard that are In addition to those In AS/NZS 5263.0. Test methods are set out in Appendices ZA. ZB and ZC (see Clause L4).
1.1.2 ApplIcation
This Standard is complementary to, and is intended to he used in conjunction with AS/NZS 5263.0. The requirements given herein shall take precedence over corresponding requirements In that Standard.
AS 3645 specifies essential requirements for gas equipment that requires regulatory approval before sale. This Standard, together with AS/NZS 5263.0, Is Intended to provide a means of demonstrating conformance to AS 3645.
1.2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content
constitutes requirements of this document.
NOTE Documents for informative purposes arc listed in the Bibliography,
AS 4566, Flue cowls — Gas appliances
AS 4567, TWin wall metal flues — Gas appliances
AS/NZS 5263.0. Gas uppliunces, Part 0: General requirements
NOTE I Refer to Clause S.135 for the determination ol appliance emission cLass.
NOTE 2 Flued appliances may be marked as emission class 0.
NOTE 3 Where there is no packaging or the packaging is transparent. it is sufficient to place these
markings on the appliance, as long as they are visible.
2.14.101 Markingofradiants
Radiants intended for replacement by the user shall be permanently marked In such a manner as to enable users to obtain correct replacements and to indicate correct location.
2.14.102 Energy label (Australia only)
The energy label, as specified in Clause £102, shall be affixed in a prominent position on each appliance.
2.14.103 Emission label (Australia only)
The emission label, as Illustrated In Figures AA.1O6A) and AA106(B). and incorporating the NO2 emission rate and star rating (see Clause 5.103) shall be affixed in a prominent position on each appliance. The emission label shall be placed as close as practicable to the energy label specified In Clause 2.14.102.
2.15 InstructIons
This Clause 0IAS/NZS 5263,0 applIes, except as modified below,
2.15.2 Installation Instructions supplied with the appliance
Each appliance shall be supplied with installation instructions that include the items specified in this Clause of AS/NZS 5263.0 and the following:
(aa) Where an appliance is not intended or designed for a fireplace installation, the following text:
(bb) Details of the methods of connection and alternatives. In the case of flueless appliances, this shall include the following text:
(cc) Details of the required surroundings of the appliance, and the clearance required from cupboards, fixings, walls, curtains, floors or other combustible materials. This requirement also applies to rear registers fitted to wall furnaces.
(dd) In the case of appliances fitted with rear registers, the details of heat output that can be diverted (see Clause 5.12.104).
(ee) Details of any proprietary flue intended to be used with the appliance.
((1) For open hued appliances, an instruction that a flue cowl conforming to AS 4566, or the proprietary cowl specified by the manufacturer shall be used.

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