IEC 60437:1997 pdf download - Radio interference teston high-voltage insulators

IEC 60437:1997 pdf download – Radio interference teston high-voltage insulators

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IEC 60437:1997 pdf download – Radio interference teston high-voltage insulators.
IEC 60437 specifies the procedure for a radio interference (RI) test carried out in a laboratory on clean and dry insulators at a frequency of 0.5 MHz or 1 MHz or, alternatively, at other frequencies between 0,5 MHz and 2 MHz.
In service the RI characteristics of an insulator may be modified by the ambient conditions. particulaily rainfall and other moisture, and by pollution. It is not considered feasible to specify reproducible test conditions to simulate a range of ambient conditions. Hence only tests on clean and dry Insulators are specified In this standard.
NOTE — The effects ol nsulatot surface conditiors. ncludang pollution, are presented in Amendment I of
CISPA 18-2.
2 Normative references
The following normative documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text. constitute provisions of this International Standard. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All normative documents are subiect to revision, and parties to agreements based on this International Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent edition of the normative documents Indicated below. Members of IEC and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
lEG 600501471 ):1 984, international Electrotechnical Vocabulary (1EV) — Chapter 471: Insulators
IEC 60060-1:1989, High-voltage test techniques — Part 1: General definitions and test requirements
IEC 60137:1995, Insulated bushings 10, alternating voltages above 1 000 V
IEC 60168:1994,Tests on indoor and outdoor post insulators of ceramic material or glass for systems with nominal voltages greater than 1 000 V
IEC 60383-1:1993, Insulators for overhead lines with a nominal voltage above 1 000 V — Part 1:
Glass or ceramic insulator units for a_c. systems — Delinitions, test methods and acceptance criteria
lEG 60383-2:1993, Insulators lot overhead lines with a nominal voltage above 1 000 V — Part 2:
Insulator strings and insulator sets for ac. systems — Definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria
CISPR 16-1:1993, Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus arid methods — Part 1: Radio disturbance arid immunity measuring apparatus
GISPR 18-2:1986, Radio interference characteristics of overhead power lines and high-voltage equipment — Part 2 Methods of measurement arid procedure for determining limits
Amendment 1 (1993)
3 Definitions
For the purpose of this International Standard, the definitions given in IEC 60050(471) and
IEC 603831 are applicable.
4 Measurement frequency
Measurements of RI characteristics shall be made at a frequency of (0,5 ± 0,05) MHz or (1,0± 0,1) MHz or alternatively by agreement between purchaser and manufacturer at other frequencies between 0.5 MHz and 2 MHz.
NOTE — Although CISPR l82 gives It. retetence measurement IreqLiency lot th, measurement 01 RI cttaracteiistic$ as 0,5 MHz. the eziating standard praclice m some eoiinlries is to use 1 MHz Or 2 MHz when measuring radio characteristics Of insulators.
The frequencies of 0,5 MHz or alternatively 1 MHz are preferred because, usually, the level of radio noise at this part of the spectrum is representative of the higher levels and also because 0.5 MHz lies between the low and medium frequency radio broadcast bands.
The RI characteristics of insulators do not normally affect television broadcasts.
5 RadIo noise limits and test voltage
This standard does not specify a limiting value for the radio interference characteristic of insulators or the test voltage. When RI tests are required. the relevant values, depending on product or national regulations or specifications shall be agreed between the purchaser and manufacturer.
NOTE – Guidance br establishing limit values is given in CISPR 182. AmenOrnent 1
6 Measuring Instruments
6.1 Standard CISPR measuring apparatus
Unloss otherwiso aroed, the standard CISPR measuring apparatus, as spocif iod In CISPR 16.1. shall be used for all measurements of RI characteristics of insulators.
6.2 Other measuring apparatus
By agreement between the purchaser and manufacturer measuring apparatus differing from the CISPR standard measuring apparatus may be used provided that conversion of the measurements to quasi peak values is possible.
7 Measuring circuit
Laboratory measurements of radio noise shall be made by measuring the conducted quantities. either Current or voltage.
The relevant measuring circuits are specified in CISPR 18-2.
The basic test circuit Is shown In figure 4 of CISPR 18-2, and a practical form of standard test circuit in figure 5. Depending on the distance between the measuring set and the test circuit. the arrangements shown in figure 6 or figure 7 of CISPR 18-2 may be incorporated into the test circuit of figure 5.

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