IEC 60692:1999 pdf download - Nuclear instrumentation - Density gauges utilizing ionizing radiation -Definitions and test methods

IEC 60692:1999 pdf download – Nuclear instrumentation – Density gauges utilizing ionizing radiation -Definitions and test methods

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IEC 60692:1999 pdf download – Nuclear instrumentation – Density gauges utilizing ionizing radiation -Definitions and test methods.
IEC 60692 relates to definitions, test methods and procedures for density gauges utilizing ionizing radiation, designed for measuring the density of liquids, gas vapours. slurries, or fluidized solids. The output signals from density gauges may be either analogue or digital. The measurement system may also include multiple input signals with various means of compensation and signal conditioning prior to the output signals. Reference to compliance with flits standard shall identify any deviations and the reasons for such deviations,
Safety aspects are covered in other IEC and ISO slandards (for example lEG 60405, ISO 2919, ISO 7205. ISO 9978). Consideration should also be given to compliance with all applicable national and local regulations and codes of practice.
NOTE I Many deireily measuring systems In use today have multiple sensors (Le temperature and pressurel and employ various means of compensating he basic sensor signals to minimize the elfect; f .ictran.Ous influence quantilies that introduce measurement errors, or to correct the density reading to a standard reference temperature or pressure Dedicated microprocessors have further enhanced multiple input signal processing and error compensation tech rI.ques
NOTE 2 In this standard, the term ‘density means the density of the irradiated material being measured. It •5 used interchangeably to mean mass per vaiume or per cent SolidS. Radiometric sensors in denady aPplicationS generally measure mace at1enuaton o a phoon beam
The object of this standard is to establish definitions, specifications and test methods (or nuclear density gauges.
2 Normative references
The following normative documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this International Standard, For dated references, subsequent amendments to, or revisions of, any of these publications do not apply. However, parties to agreements based on this International Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the normative documents indicated below. For undated references, the latest edition of the normative document referred to applies. Members of IEC and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
IEC 60050(394 ):1995. International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (lEVI — Chapter 394: Nuclear instrumentation — Instruments
IEC 60359:1987, Expression of the performance of electrical and electronic measuring equipment
Amendment 1:1991
IEC 60405:1972, Nuclear instruments — Constructional requ,v’emenls to afford persona? protection against ionizing radiation
lEG 60476:1993. Nuclear instrumentation — Electrical measuring systems and instruments utilizing ionizing radiation sources — General aspects
3 Definitions
For the purposes of this International Standard, the following definitions apply:
3.1 DefinItions relating to the apparatus
density gauge
measuring assembly having an ionizing radiation source and designed to determine the average density (or per cent Solids) of a homogeneous material or of a heterogeneous mixture, within a defined configuration, using the variation of the attenuation or backscatter of the ionizing radiation [IEC 60476, definition 3.1.2. modIfied: 1EV 394-17-06, modified)
transmission density gauge
density gauge that utilizes the radiation transmitted through the material being measured. The source and detector are on opposite sides of the material being measured
backsoatter measurement system
density gauge that utilizes the ionizing radiation backscattered by the material being measured. The source and detector are positioned on the same side of the material being measured
mass flow measurement system
density gauge in conjunction with a flow-measuring device providing a mass per unit time or total throughput of a suspended solid
measuring head
subassembly comprising the radiation sources contained in an emitting assembly, the radiation detectors contained in a receiving assembly and associated devices IIEC 61336, definition 1.3.5. modified: IEC 60476. definition 3.1.7, modified)
electronic measuring subassembly
subassembly which, by means of incorporated electrical or electronic devices, serves to process the electrical quantities delivered by the measuring head and to supply electrical quantities having convenient values for measurement purposes [IEC 61336. definItion 1.3.6. modified].

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