IEC 61560:1998 pdf download - Radiation protection instrumentation - Apparatus for non-destructive radiation testsof fur and other cloth samples

IEC 61560:1998 pdf download – Radiation protection instrumentation – Apparatus for non-destructive radiation testsof fur and other cloth samples

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IEC 61560:1998 pdf download – Radiation protection instrumentation – Apparatus for non-destructive radiation testsof fur and other cloth samples.
IEC 61560 applies to apparatus for the non-destructive measurement of radioactive contamination of fur and cloth samples for the presence of gamma e.mtting radionuclides, The apparatus is designed for t he testing 01 samples of differing weights and dimensions and may consist of the following parts:
— device for sample radioactivity measurement;
— auxiliary equipment for sample weight and dimen5ion determination.
The tests of cloth for nuclides emitting only alpha and low energy beta (Em& less than 150 key) particles are not considered In this standard as the radiation from these nuclides present no risk from external radiation. This standard however may be applied to apparatus for the testing of cloth for the presence of beta emitting radionuclides (the beta radiation having an Emax greater than 150 key).
The object of this standard is to define mechanical and operational characteristics, minimum performance characteristics and general test procedures for equipment for the testing 01 fur and cloth samples.
2 Normative references
The following normative documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this International Standard. At the time of publication, the edthons indicated were valid. All normative documents are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this International Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the normative documents indicated below, Members of IEC and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
IEC 600501151 :1 978, International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (lEVI — Chapter 151 Eleclrcal and magnetic devices
lEG 60050(393):1 996, International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (1EV) — Chapter 393: Nuclear instrumentation: Physical phenomena and basic concepts
lEG 60050{394):1 995, International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (1EV) — Chapter 394: Nuclear instrumentation: Instruments
lEG 60068: Environmental testing
IEC 61187:1993, Electrical and electronic measuring equipment — Documentation
5.1.2 Control and measurement subassembly
The control and measurement subassembly may consist of some or all the following units:
— power supply and control unit;
— measuring subassembly for primary detectoris):
— measuring subassembly for ambient background monitoring compensation circuit;
— input and processing of sample mass data:
– alarm subassembly:
— drivers for auxiliary recording and information storage equipment such as printers. recorders. etc;
— display.
5.2 AuxIliary equipment
The auxiliary equipment may consist of the following units:
— mass determination equipment;
— measuring tool br sample dimensions determination, including specific equipment to determine dimensions relating the sample to the detection assembly.
6 Measurement method
To obtain maximum detection efficiency the material sample shall be placed adjacent to the counter. It is recommended that cylindrical detectors are used around which the sample can be wrapped: such detectors can be more easily completely enveloped with a background monitoring detector. Such a cylindrical system gives the best counting efficiency in relation to background signal.
7 Ease of sample changing and decontamInation
The design of the equipment shall be such that the insertion of the sample into its correct monitoring position and its removal from this position are easy.
The detector and sample housing shall be designed so as to minimise the possibility of contamination and be both easily removed and decontaminable,
a Energy range
The equipment should be set to measure the primary photon emission of the nuclide of interest, It should be possible, either manually or automatically, to change the discriminator levels and channel widths so that other nuclides can be measured.
Indication of the threshold levels set in terms of energy. the primary photon energy being detected, or the nuclides being measured, shall be given.

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