IEC 61747-2:1998 pdf download - Liquid crystal and solid-state display devices -Part 2: Liquid crystal display modules -sectional specification

IEC 61747-2:1998 pdf download – Liquid crystal and solid-state display devices -Part 2: Liquid crystal display modules -sectional specification

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IEC 61747-2:1998 pdf download – Liquid crystal and solid-state display devices -Part 2: Liquid crystal display modules -sectional specification.
This sectional specification applies to liquid crystal and solid-slate display modules Such as the following
— static segment type liquid crystal display modules;
— passive matrix monochrome liquid crystal display modules:
— passive matrix colour liquid erysta? display modules.
— active matrix monochrome liquid crystal display modules:
— active matrix colour liquid cryslal display modules.
It gives details of the Quality Assessment Procedures, the inspection requirements, screening sequences, sampling requirements, and test and measurement procedures required for the assessment of liquid crystal display modules.
NOTE 1 — Instead 01 the QualificSl.on Approval Procedure, the Capabilily Approval Procedure isa. Rules of Procedure OC 001002, aubclauae Ii 7), whicfl is at present under conSiderathovi, may be used for all product;
manufactured in a defined process.
NOTE 2 — All the requirements 04 this specification remain valid, unless rnodh.d by he requirements 5.1 out by th. new clause: Capability Approvai Procedure (under consideralioni.
2 Normative reference
The following normative document contains provisions which, through reference In this text, constitute provisions of this part of lEG 61747. At the time of publication, the edition indicated was valid. All normative documents are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this part of IEC 61747 are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent edition of the normative document indicated below. Members of lEG and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards
IEC 61747-1:1998, L,quid crystal and solid-state display devices — Pafl 1: Generic specification
3 Definitions
production lIne
a single set of process operations including one or several of the following manufacturing phases:
a) connection of external electronic Circuit devices to cell:
b) finishing and final electrical and optical measurements;
C) screening (if applicable).
NOTE — Ouslily assessment procedures are not Included in these phases.
changes In manufacturing operations
major changes
any change in the manufacturing process or technology which could affect the quality or performance of a product supplied to an approved specification, or which could require a product to be transferred from one structural similarity group to another (see 4.4.1) represents a change considered as major. II is the responsibility of the Chief Inspector to decide whether the change is major o not.
Any major change shall only be implemented with notihcation and demonstration by test evidence of quality to the National Supervising Inspectorate (NSI).
Examples of major changes are:
a) driver attachment: Irom two bank to one bank arrangement;
b) integrated backlight system:
— lamp position from horizontal to vertical or from top to bottom arrangement:
— backlight-type change from electroluminescent to cold cathode fluorescent lamp;
— light guide change from wedge to hat type:
C) bezel material: from metal to plastic;
d) connector change and/or pin assignment change: from type A to twe B connector.
NOTE – Not co,sidered as a major change- equipment chang. without changing the technology
4 QualIty assessment procedure
Quality assessment procedure is defined as outlined below.
4.1 Primary stage of manufacture
For the purpose of this sectional specification, this stage is defined as the first process step that connects external electronic circuit devices (including separate PWB and/or connection cables) to a liquid crystal display cell, thus converting 1110 a liquid crystal module.

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