IEC TR 61836:1997 pdf download - Solar photovoltaic energy systems -Terms and symbols

IEC TR 61836:1997 pdf download – Solar photovoltaic energy systems -Terms and symbols

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IEC TR 61836:1997 pdf download – Solar photovoltaic energy systems -Terms and symbols.
This technical report compiles the terms and symbols from the published IEC Standards cited in the normative references.
The object of this technical report is to harmonize the terms and symbols used In the standards within the field of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems. It Is the intent to update this technical report every three years to incorporate published standards not referenced herein.
A two-step procedure will be followed for the preparation of the glossary. This technical report contains the terms and symbols used in published IEC PV standards. The step 2 document should be incorporated in this technical report as an annex and will deal with the terms and symbols from other national or international PV standards and relevant documents.
NOTE — In order to harmonize sIi9ht d.I1.r.ncq b.Iw..n exislig lEG standards sonic rewording of th. derinitions was n.ceIaIy.
2 Normative references
The following normative documents contain provisions which, through reference In this text. constitute provisions of this technical report. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this technical report are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards Indicated below. Members of IEC and ISO maintain registers of Currently valid International Standards.
lEG 60891:1987, Procedures for temperature and ,rradiance corrections to measured I-V characteristics of crystalline silicon photovoltaic devices
Amendment 1 (1992)
IEC 60904-1:1987, Photo voltaic devices — Part 1: Measurement of photovoltaic current-voltage characteristics
lEG 60904-2:1989, Photovoltaic devices — Part 2: Requirements for reference solar cells
IEC 60904-3:1989, Photovollaic devices — Part 3: Measurement principles for terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) solar devices with reference spectral irradiance data
IEC 60904-5:1993. Pholovoltaic devices — Part 5: Determination of the equivalent cell temperature (ECT) of photovaltaic (PV) devices by the open-circuit voltage method
IEC 60904-6:1994. Photovoltaic devices — Part 6: Requirements for reference solar modules
lEG 61173:1992, Overvoltage protection for photovoltaic (PV) powei’ generating systems — Guide IEC 61194:1992, Characteristic parameters of stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) systems
IEC 61215:1993, Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules Design qualification and type approval
IEC 61277:1995, TerrestrIal photovoltaic (PV) power generating systems — General and guide
lEG 61829:1995, Crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) array — On-site measurement of I-V characteristics
328 maximum power (P,?.): The power at the point on the current-voltage characteristic where the product of current and voltage is a maximum. (IEC 60904-3) Unit: W
3.29 maximum power Current (lpmJ: The current corresponding to maximum power. (IEC 60904-3) Unit: A
3.30 maximum power voltage (Vpm): The voltage corresponding to maximum power (IEC 60904-3) Unit: V
3.31 module: The smallest complete environmentally protected assembly of interconnected solar cells. (IEC 60904-3 IEC 61277)
3.32 module surface temperature: The mean temperature of the back surface of the module. (lEG 60904-3) Unit: °C
333 monitor and control subsystem: Logic and control circuitry that supervises the overall operation of the system by controlling the interaction between all subsyStems. (lEG 61277)
334 nominal operating cell temperature (NOCT): The equilibrium mean solar cell temperature within a module under reference conditions of 800 Wm2 irradiance, 20 C ambient air temperature, 1 ms wind speed, electrically open-circuit and open-rack mounted at normal incidence, at solar noon. (IEC 60904-3) Unit: °C
3.35 open-circuit voltage (V0): The voltage across an unloaded (open) photovoltaic (PV) generator at a particular temperature and irradiance. (IEC 60904-3) Unit: V
3.36 optional test conditions: Test irradiance as measured with a reference device of
1 000 Wm-2 and cell temperature at any conveniently measured ambient conditions.
(lEG 60904-3)
3.37 ozone content: The volume of ozone at standard temperature and pressure in a vertical column of the atmosphere I x 10 m2 in cross section. (lEG 60904-3) Unit: m
338 panel: A group of modules fastened together. pre-assembled and wired, designed to serve as an installable unit in an array and/or subarray, (IEC 61277)
3.39 photovoltaic altec?: Direct conversion of radiant energy into electrical energy.
(IEC 60904-3)
340 power conditioner: The electrical equipment used to convert electrical power into a lorm or forms 01 electrical power suitable for subsequent use. (IEC 61277)
3.41 precipitable water vapour content: The volume of precipitable water vapour In a vertical column of the atmosphere I x 1O m2 in cross section expressed as the height of the corresponding vertical column of water. (IEC 60904-3) Unit: m.

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