IEC TR 61859:1997 pdf download - Guidelines for radio therapy treatment rooms design

IEC TR 61859:1997 pdf download – Guidelines for radio therapy treatment rooms design

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IEC TR 61859:1997 pdf download – Guidelines for radio therapy treatment rooms design.
This techmcal report applies only to those aspects of the installation ensuring the safety of the PATIENT, the OPERATOR and other persons durIng the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT use. General construction requirements are not addressed in this technical report.
The installations considered in this technical report are those in which are located
RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT delivering IONIZING RADIATION used for therapeutic purpose, such as
AFTERLOADINO EQUIpMENT. RADIOTHERAPY SIMuLATOR installations are not included in this
technical report.
A particular RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT installation may generally consist of several rooms, such as:
— the TREATMENT ROOM in which the RADIATION BEAU is emitted and in which the PATIENT is located during the IRRADIATION, including alt enclosed spaces where a person could remain inadvertently during the IRRADIATION:
— the control room in which the TREATMENT CONTRO4. PANEL is located and from which the OPERATOR controls the IRRADIATION and other functions of the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT;
— other rooms which may contain other parts of the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT, but where IRRADIATION IS not carried out.
1.2 Object
This technical report establishes recommendations to be complied with by rooms where RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT is to be installed and which complement the safety requirements for the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT installed. This technical report addresses environmental protection, RADIATION protection outside the TREATMENT ROOM and some aspects of the electrical safety HAZARDS.
1.3 Collateral and Particular Standards
According to the nature of the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT installed in the TREATMENT ROOU. this technical report should be read in conjunction with the following Collateral and Particular
IEC 60601.1.2:1993, Medical electrical equipment — Part 1: General requirements for safely — 2. Collateral standard: Electromagnetic compatibility — Requirements and tests
IEC 60601-2-1: 1981, Medical electrical equipment — Part 2: Particular requirements (or medical electron accelerators in the range 1 MeV to 50 MeV — Section One: General — Section Two: Radiation safety for equipment
lEG 60601 -2-8: 1987, Medical electrical equipment — Part 2: Particular requirements for the safety of therapeutic X-ray generators
2 ElectrIcal requIrements
A power distribution panel should be provided for the connection of the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT to the SUPPLY MAINS, For safety and convenience the panel should be accessible according to the RADIOTHERAPY EOUIPMENT MANUFACTURER’S recommendations. This distribution panel should contain independent protective devices (e.g. OVER•CURRENT RELEASE. fuse) and means to isolate the SUPPLY MAINS from each of the different parts of the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPUENT as specified by the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER.
For the suppt,y MAINS, the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER should provide the information requested In the relevant clauses of the Particular Standards
The power supply should have a sufficiently low impedance to prevent voltage fluctuations between the on-load and off-load steady states exceeding admissible variation provided by the
The power distribution panel should incorporate EARTH LEAKAGE CURRENT detectors and should provide the connection of the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT to an external protective earthing system with a maximum impedance of 0.1 ti
Conductor cross-sectional area, colours and insulation should comply with relevant National Regulations.
In addition to OVER-CURRENT RELEASES and to normal controls which i5olate the RADIOTHERAPY
EQUIPMENT from the SUPPLY MAINS, emergency switches should be provided to interrupt the
SUPPLY MAINS which energizes the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT and other devices present in the
TREATMENT ROOM with the exception of.
— on the internal side walls of the TREATMENT ROOM so that the OPERATOR can reach them
easily, but not in the direct path of the RADIATION BEAM;
— on or in the close vicinity of the TREATMENT CONTROL PANEL
— near the TREATMENT ROOM door;
— on any wall which is close to an electrically supplied part of the EQUIPMENT;
— in additional locations as required to assure proximity to OPERATORS:
— in all closed areas where people can remain unseen by the OPERATOR during the start-up
The provision and location of those emergency switches should be proposed by the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER, in consultation with the USER as appropriate.
In addition, means should be provided for the connection of the emergency stopping circuits which are included in the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT, for example PATIENT SUPPORT and GANTRY drive stopping circuits.
2.3 Electromagnetic compatibility
All electrical equipment in the vicinity of the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT should comply with IEC 60601-1-2 and National Regulations.
2.4 TREATMENT ROOM lighting
Means should be provided to vary the TREATMENT ROOM light intensity for the purpose of viewing the RADIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT LIGHT FIELD INDICATOR when positioning the PATIENT.

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