IEC TR 62051:1999 pdf download - Electricity metering - Glossary of terms

IEC TR 62051:1999 pdf download – Electricity metering – Glossary of terms

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IEC TR 62051:1999 pdf download – Electricity metering – Glossary of terms.
This technical report provides definitions of specific terms which may be used for drafting standards for electrical energy measurement, tariff and load control, arid customerutility information exchange systems.
Standards and technical reports which deal with Distribution Automation Systems (DAS) using Distribution Line Carrier (DLC) systems use a number of terms with specific meaning, which are not defined in IEC 60050(371). The present technical report includes these terms and their definitions, as well as those terms that are already defined in IEC 60050(371). It presents a comprehensive means of referring to terms used in standard documents on customerutility information exchange (CUIE) systems prepared or being prepared by IEC TC 13.
This report also incorporates specific terms used in present and future standards on electricity pre-payment systems, and specific terms concerning the dependability of electricity metering equipment
2 Sources of terms
The following documents were used to establish this glossary of terms.
General terms given In the IEC 60050 series are repeated with reference to the appropriate 1EV term. Other sources are identified by a figure in brackets which refers to the following list:
(1) American National Standards Institute: IEEE Standard Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms (1984)
(2) IEC 60050(351): International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (1EV) — Chapter 351:
Automatic control
(3) IEC 60050(721); 1992, International Eleclrorechnical Vocabulary (1EV) — Chapter 721:
Telegraphy, facsimile and data communication
(4) ISOIEC 2382-9:1995. Information technology — Vocabulary — Part 9: Data communication
(5) Australian Standard AS 4140-1995: Metering and utility information exchange — Glossary of terms
(6) lEC 60050(191 ):1 990. InternatIonal Eloctrotochnical Vocabulary (1EV) — Chap? or 191:
Dependability and quality of service
(7) IECITR3 60870-1-3:1997, Telecontrol equipment and systems — Part f: General considerations — Section 3: Glossary
(8) ISO1IEC 7498-1:1994, Information technology — Open Systems Interconnection — Basic Reference Model — The Basic Model
(9) ISOIEC 10731:1994, Inlo,rmatlon technology — Open Systems interconnection — Basic Reference Model — Conventions for the definition of OS, services (source: ITU-T X.21 0:
(10) IEC 60050(161 ):1 990. International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (1EV) — Chapter 161:
Electromagnetic compatibility
4.14 Electromagnetic compatibility level
The specified value of an electromagnetic disturbance for which electromagnetic compatibility with a very high degree of probability exists for the equipment operating within a given system or part of a system (1EV 161-03-10).
4.15 Electromagnetic disturbance
Any electromagnetic phenomenon which may degrade the performance of a device, equipment or system (1EV 161 .01.05).
4.16 Electromagnetic emission
The phenomenon by which electromagnetic energy emanates Irom a source (1EV 161-01-08.
4.17 Electromagnetic interference
Degradation of the performance of a device, equipment or system caused by an electromagnetic disturbance (1EV 161 .01 .06).
4.18 Function
A function Is a process which constantly or at certain Intervals. automahcally or on demand. performs certain activities, such as sampling data, reading a data set, verifying or changing a status, or activating a switch. An application is composed of one or more functions. A function can be basic or optional,
4.19 Hand-held unit (HHU)
A portable device for reading and programming equipment or meters at the customer’s premises or at the access point.
4.20 lnt.roperabillty
The capability to operate products (meters), from different types and manufacturers, on the same network under the same conditions and rules.
4.21 Meter
A device for measuring and totalling the variable consumption of a product. In general a meter consists 01 a sensor and an integrating device which displays the total consumption in meirological units,
4.22 Metering and control
The facility to record inputs from utility metering systems within the premises and to provide unique signals to control its availability.
4.23 Optional functIons
All other functions except the basic functions. They are part of the standard procedure but on implementation they can be omitted whenever not needed.
4.24 Organization
A company, corporation, firm, enterprise or institution, or part thereof, whether incorporated or not, public or private, which has Its own functions and administration (11).

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