IEC TS 62081:1999 pdf download - Arc welding equipment - Installation and use

IEC TS 62081:1999 pdf download – Arc welding equipment – Installation and use

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IEC TS 62081:1999 pdf download – Arc welding equipment – Installation and use.
This technical specification is applicable to the installation and industrial and professional use 01 welding power sources, equipment and accessories for arc welding and allied processes.
2 NormatIve references
The following normative documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text. constitute provisions 01 this technical specification. For dated references, subsequent amendments to. or revisions of, any of these publications do not apply. However, parties to agreements based on this technical specification are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the normative documents indicated below, For undated references, the latest edition of the normative document referred to applies Members of IEC and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards,
IEC 60050.195:1998, International Electrotechnical Vocabulary — Part 195: Earthing and protection against electric shock
IEC 60204-I :1997, Electrical equipment of industrial machines — Part 1: General requirements
IEC 60364-4-41 :1992, Electrical Installations 0! buildings — Part 4: Protection for safety — Chapter 41: Protection against electric shock
IEC 60947-2:1995, Low-voltage switchgear and confrolgear — Part 2: Circuit breakers
IEC 60974I :1998, Arc welding equipment — Part 1: Welding power sources
IEC 60974-11:1992, Arc welding equipment — Part 11: Electrode holders
IEC 60974-12:1992, Arc welding equipment — Part 12: Coupling devices for welding cables
IEC 61008 (all parts), Residual current operated circuit-breakers without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses (RCCB’s)
IEC 61009 (all parts), Residual current operated clrcult.breakers with Integral overcurrent protection tar household and similar uses (RCBO’s)
lEG 61140:1997, Protection against electric shock — Common aspects for installation and equipment
3 Definitions
For the purpose of this technical specification, the following definitions apply:
welding circuit
a circuit that includes all conductive material through which the welding current is intended To
NOTE I — In arc welding, the arc is a part at the welding circuit.
NOTE 2 — In certain arc welding processes, the arc may be established between Iwo electrodes. In such a case. he work piece jan01 necessanly a part olIhe wetding circuit. (IEC 60974-1, 311J
extraneous conductive part
conductive part not forming part of the electrical installation and liable to introduce an electric potential, generally the electric potential of a local earth (1EV 195-06-111
NOTE — Electrical installation includes the welding Circuit.
work piece
metal piece or pieces on which welding or allied processes are performed
protective clothing and accessories
protective clothing and accessories (e.g. gloves, hand shields, head masks and filter lenses) used in order to diminish electric shock risks and the effects of fume and spatter and to protect the skin and eyes against arc radiation
environments with increased hazard of electric shock
environments where the hazard of electric shock by arc welding is increased in relation to normal arc welding conditions
NOTE I — Such environments are lound br esainple
a> in locations in which treetiom of movement Is restricted, so that the operator is forced to perborm th, welding in a cramped position (kneeling, artling, lying) with physical contact with conductiv. ptls
bi in locations which are fuly or partially limited by conductive elements end in which mare is a hIgh risk of unavoidable or accudental contact by the operator:
c in wet. damp or hot locations where humidity or perspraliori considerably reduces the skin resistance of the human body and the insulating properties at acceaaoe*s
NOTE 2 — Environiri.nls with increased hazard of electric shock are not meant to include plces where electrically conductive pan; in me near vicinity of th, operator which can cause increased hazard have been eniulated
IIEC 60974-1, 34-61
industrial and professional use
use intended only for experts or instructed persons (lEG 60974-1. 3.2)
expert (competent person, skilled person)
a person who can judge the work assigned and recognize possible hazards on the basis of profes5ional training, knowledge, experience and knowledge of the relevant equipment.

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